Adulthood can be a time of transition with opportunities for personal growth. Family, friends, and work—whether it is inside or outside of your home—can all bring challenges for you. These three areas comprise the main components of your life, and experiencing difficulties in one area can impact the others. I can help you make the shifts you need to more successfully navigate this time of life.

Using a combination of insight-oriented psychotherapy and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), I help you reach your goals. I use my expertise and experience to create a personalized approach tailored to fit your personality and needs. I believe we must work together if you are to attain your goals, so we build a strong working relationship that enables us to collaborate well. I can help you understand how your emotions and behaviors affect you, and ways you can work with them to improve your sense of fulfillment in life. I am a compassionate therapist who works with you to create the change and personal growth you are seeking.